Mae Casparius, has been working in banking most of her career, and changed fields over two years ago to pursue a career in fitness. However, her love and desire to be fit and healthy has been throughout her lifetime. Mae is currently enrolled in the Balanced Body training program for Pilates. She is also continuing education through MCC in the study of Kinesiology and Physical Education with an emphasis on nutrition counseling.


After being introduced to Pilates and loving the mind/body connection, Mae decided this is the path she wanted to take as a fitness instructor. “I really enjoy the teaching aspect of Pilates and watching the progress clients make in their own practice.”


Torrin Alford, Senior Pilates Instructor, understanding and love for body movement began early in life as she studied and trained in many different forms of dance. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Arizona, and it was here that her interest in body movement and its mechanics really developed into a passion. While finishing her degree at the U of A, Torrin was introduced to Fletcher Pilates and instantly knew that Pilates was for her. She took her first workshop in 2012 and began teaching Pilates mat classes at Body Works Pilates in Tucson.


Torrin became a certified teacher with her completion of the Fletcher Pilates Comprehensive Program in 2013, and she received her PMA-CPT in 2014. Her love for the work continues to grow as she helps her clients find their movement potential and live more functional and efficient lives.


Caitlin has always led an active life which led her to an MCL injury. Through PT, she learned the value of keeping her muscles strong to help support her weaker ligaments and tendons. Her love of helping others feel better and physically led her to pursue a job she is completely passionate about. Caitlin received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Ithaca College in 2005, and worked as a laboratory technician at Cornell University’s Animal Health Diagnostic Center.

In 2010 Caitlin moved to Mesa, Arizona and found herself not completely content with the work she was doing. It was hard to stay active in the Arizona summers which led her to the discovery of Pilates Mat and Barre classes. She became very passionate about the Pilates method and decided to pursue Pilates as an alternate career.

Caitlin received her comprehensive training and PMA certificate in 2013. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and love of Pilates with other while taking pride in creating workouts that anyone can finish with a sense of accomplishment.


Shelly Prasad stumbled upon Pilates in 2012 out of sheer desperation. She had been diagnosed with neuropathy in her feet, and was no longer able to do the physical activities she had once loved. Shelly was introduced to Pilates while attending physical therapy, and located a nearby Pilates studio to find out that she was instantly sold based on how her body began to feel. Her regained strength and boost in confidence inspired Shelly to become a certified Pilates instructor through Pilates Sports Center (PSC) in 2015. She decided to leave her former profession as a mental health therapist, and focus on helping others who have struggled physically to get their life back!

“What a gift!” And when Shelly is not teaching she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband (and yes, he does Pilates, too!).


After 15 years at a desk job and the painful postural issues that ensued, Betsy turned to Pilates to realign from head to toe. The impact was so profound that she was at once inspired to teach.

Betsy became a PMA-certified instructor in 2017, and a graduate of the comprehensive Pilates Sports Center Teacher Training Program (PSC) in 2016. She remains passionate about exploring the science of movement and helping others to achieve their unique fitness and rehabilitative goals.

“Pilates is an enduring method that helps those from all walks of life to restore physical imbalances and function pain-free. In deepening our mind-body awareness through Pilates, we may ultimately reclaim our health, confidence and freedom.”

From motherhood to athletics, every area of Betsy’s life has improved with Pilates. She is thrilled to be a part of Function’s dynamic team.