Pilates Mat Express

Get the most out of the time you have in our Pilates Express 45 minute class. Awaken and deepen full body awareness with a challenging mix of core, posture and powerhouse exercises that will propel you to increase flexibility and strength.

Adore Your Core

Challenge your core like never before in 30 minutes!
Our core conditioning class focuses on building stability, preventing back pain and slimming your waistline to get the chiseled results your body craves.

Pilates + Yoga Fusion

Strengthen while you stretch with Pilates + Yoga Fusion. Work on muscle-sculpting, core-firming, strength and flexibility as we crank up the speed to deliver a true fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean, and incredibly defined.

Stability Ball Booty Blast

Have a ball (literally) in this class.  Expect a dynamic, fast paced, high energy, fun 45 minutes class that lets you explore new ways of using the stability ball with a deep core emphasis. You will have your body working from head to toe.

Come on, let’s play ball!


Burn @ the Barre

Strong. Long. Sleek. Dance-inspired cardio, Barre combines Pilates, yoga and ballet to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles – without the impact and injuries dancers endure. It’s about lengthening muscles, while strengthening them.

Burn, Sweat and Relax!

Bringing you a combination of sculpting and relaxation our Burn, Sweat and Relax! emphasizes aspects of Pilates, Barre and Yoga to build core strength, raise your heart rate and rejuvenate your body.


Candlelight Restorative Stretch

Experience total relaxation as the body unwinds and releases tightness in gentle, long static holds. Props will be used to provide your body absolute comfort.

Yoga Flow

The perfect blend of challenge and relaxation for the body and mind.

Our all levels flow class emphasizes posture alignment, flexibility and breathing. You will synchronize breath with movement and help to awaken your strength and energy.

Yoga Sculpt

Prepare to transform your body and mind while boosting your metabolism to upbeat tracks. You’ll combine free weights to yoga sequencing movements along with cardio to intensify each yoga pose while mixing in strength-training moves like squats, lunges and bicep curls.


Restore Your Spine

Regenerate and restore your body to decrease back pain, stiff shoulders and tight hamstrings by correcting your body’s alignment, mobility and balance. Focus on self-massage, controlled breathing techniques and stretching using corrective floor exercises.